Secura Analytical Balances

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The Sartorius Secura analytical balances from Certified Scale include a color touch screen option with intuitive operation, integrated application programs, award-winning interface and design, internal automatic adjustment (isoCAL), audit trail light, PC-direct data transfer, sample and batch identifiers, CLP/CMP compliant printouts and other intuitive and reliable features.

Secura analytical balances are built for not only providing accurate weight calculations and intuitive user interface experiences, but also for security. These balances feature built-in protection systems for regulatory compliance and reliability. Shop all our Secura analytical balances, accessories and other balance and scale products today.

Secura Analytical Balances

Secura Balances - Key Features

Secura comes standard with convenient, built-in applications, a universal power adapter, in-use cover and application guide. These, along with the extensive accessories Sartorius offers, enable you to customize Secura to a variety of weight measurement tasks. Other features include:

  • Integrated Protectioon Systems - minimize your risk of obtaining incorrect results
  • Real-Time Alarm Messaging - provides interactive user guidance for leveling to prevent inaccurate results due to an unleveled balance
  • SQmin - provides automatic detection and active monitoring to ensure weight is within acceptable USP operating range for reliable results
  • Internal Automatic Adjustment (isoCAL) - for highest possible accuracy at all times
  • Cal Audit Trail - for easy, traceable documentation of all calibration and adjustment data
  • Safe & Clear Documentation - sample and batch identifiers for keeping perfect track of weighing data
  • GLP-|GMP - compliant printouts
  • Standard Password Security - for protection against tampering and unauthorized access

Shop All Secura Analytical Balances

When you shop with Certified Scale, you will get great deals on high-quality scales. In addition, you can save money on any additional accessories needed for your scale. Below we have listed some of the Secura analytical balances we have in stock. Please contact the experts at Certified Scale today with any questions on inventory, specifications, shipping and handling, pricing, etc.

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Our high quality Sartorius scales have the technology for acurate weighing. Below we detail our leading product models:

  • Practum scaleshighly sensitive instruments manufactured with the purpose to accurately measure mass.
  • Quintix scalesmonolithic weighing system that ensures your measurements are exact.
  • Entris scales: convenient for operation, calibration and data transfer.

For over 150 years, Sartorius has been a leading innovator of scales and balances. Their top of the line products exuberate quality and accuracy, a commitment to quality they dearly hold. Certified Scale has been a top provider of Sartorius scales and weighing equipment for decades.

Our staff are experts in the industry. Make use of our experience and excellent customer support to find the best scale for your needs.