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Introducing the ONLY 100% configurable lab balance! Our high-quality Sartorius scales, balances, and other products are designed for precision weighing up to 520 g with a resolution of 0.1 or 0.01 mg.

For instance, the Cubis Analytical Balance delivers top-tier weighing performance and security. It features a touch screen, making it ideal for customized workflows. Welcome to the world of accurate and consistent weighing technology with Sartorius lab balances!

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Sartorius Scale Models

Explore our leading product models:

  • Secura Sartorius Scales: Known for their high reliability and security, these scales are perfect for regulated areas and common weighing ranges.
  • Practum Sartorius Scales: These scales boast top-quality weighing technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.
  • Quintix Sartorius Scales: Designed for ease of use, these scales simplify operation, calibration, and data transfer.
  • Entris Sartorius Scales: Engineered for dependable and efficient weighing results in everyday applications.

For over 150 years, Sartorius has been a pioneer in scales and balances. Their products stand out for their quality and accuracy, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence. Certified Scale has proudly provided Sartorius scales and weighing equipment for decades.

The team at Certified Scale consists of highly trained industry experts. Leverage our expertise and outstanding customer support to find the perfect Sartorius scale for your specific lab or medical needs!

What to Know about Sartorius Analytical, Precision, Semi-Micro, Micro, & Ultra-Micro Balances

Sartorius analytical balances are highly sensitive lab instruments manufactured specifically to precisely measure mass and detect extremely fine increments. When compared with precision balances, analytical balances have more intricate readability, with a range between 0.1mg and 0.01mg. In addition, they also are more sensitive and are a perfect choice for labs.

The lab weighing Sartorius balances are used in situations where high levels of accuracy and precision are vital. The main differentiation between them are their maximum readability.

  • Precision balances (>= 0.001 g)
  • Analytical balances (0.0001 g)
  • Semi-micro balances (0.00001 g)
  • Micro balances (0.000001 g)
  • Ultra-micro balances (0.0000001 g)

Sartorius balances meet and exceed pharmacopeias and quality control, academic research and laboratory use standards. In addition, these balances provide high speed, reliability, and safety. They take it to the next level and optimize their designs to better integrate with your laboratory workflow to make your processes more efficient.


Why Choose Sartorius Scales & Lab Balances?

An increase in pharmaceutical regulatory standards has made the need for accurate analytical testing and quantitative analyses via premium lab balances paramount. The Sartorius balance Cubis line is the benchmark for sectors with high regulations and helps you meet these demands with ease. Here is an overview of why you should choose Sartorius lab balances:

  • The first line of premium laboratory balances with a modular design
  • Full integration into your workflow
  • A wide choice of hardware modules and software options to configure your lab balance for your specific process
  • Many different connectivity solutions that include interface modules and web services as communication standards
  • The first laboratory balance featuring fully automatic leveling

Best Entry-Level Sartorius Scales

The best value for your money – without compromising on accuracy. Our entry-level Sartorius lab balances are designed to bring effective and reliable weighing to your applications, right from the start. In addition, the Entris® and Practum® lines feature intuitive interfaces, an ergonomic design. Get an easy-to-read display, which allows for ease of performing many simple, routine weighing tasks.

Entris Analytical & Precision Balances

When it comes to accuracy, excellent readability, and overload protection, look no further than Sartorius Entris analytical balances! Here are some reasons to choose an Entris balance:

  • Highly accurate results using monolithic weigh cell technology
  • FAST stabilization time
  • Easy clean for operational efficiency and durability
  • External calibration
  • Hybrid LED touch screen for excellent readability and use
  • Plug-and-play convenience automatically detects Sartorius printer, second display, etc.
  • Data output for dynamic weighing applications
  • Easily adapts to your ambient conditions

Entris Sartorius

Practum Analytical & Precision Balances

When it comes to Practum Sartorius scales, there are no compromises in precision and reliability. Each lab balances offers the best value for your money!

You cannot go wrong with the Sartorius Practum®! Practum® balance offers everything you need for standard applications.

These include an external calibration function, overload protection feature, a color touchscreen technology, and more!

  • Practum scale features color touchscreen technology with integrated application programs
  • External calibration function and overload protection feature
  • Plug & Play functionality using a mini USB port
  • PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer
  • Leveling for this scale is guided by a level indicator

Practum Analytical Sartorius Scale 60 g x 0.1 mg

Cubis Analytical & Precision Balances

Discover the next generation of premium lab balances with the CubisĀ® scale! These lab balances are configurable, high-performance, and reliable for many applications. CubisĀ® scales by Sartorius offer the following:

  • Menu guidance with short text prompts that are easy to understand
  • Structured keys for precise activation of functions
  • High-contrast liquid-crystal display
  • Designed weighing with maximum accuracy without complex workflows

Cubis Analytical Sartorius Scales - MSE2203P-100-DU

Quintix Analytical & Precision Balances

With the Sartorius Quintix balance, you will enjoy all the benefits of fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and, above all, the entirely new touchscreen user interface with built-in application programs.

  • Color touchscreen with intuitive operation
  • isoCAL: internal calibration and adjustment function
  • CAL audit trail function
  • Menu protection
  • Plug & Play functionality via mini USB port
  • PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer

Sartorius Analytical Balances - QUINTIX6102-1S

Secura Analytical & Precision Balances

Real-time guidance prompts for leveling, automatic internal adjustment, and 100% traceable, clear documentation with sample and batch identifiers make your lab work more efficient.

  • Color touchscreen with intuitive operation
  • isoCAL: internal calibration and adjustment function
  • CAL audit trail function
  • Menu and password protection
  • SQmin: monitoring the minimum sample weight for compliance with the USP operating range
  • Individual security levels
  • PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer
  • Sample and batch identification
  • Monitored data transfer
  • Continuous real-time level monitoring

Sartorius Analytical Balances - SECURA125-1S


Sartorius Scales for Sale Since 1969!

We have many models of Sartorius scales for sale on our website. In fact, Sartorius' award winning Secura and Quintix offer some of the best results possible. Bringing more efficiency and reliability into your lab, the user interface redefines user experience with intuitive ease. Additionally, the pre-downloaded applications the scales provide, are excellent choices for lab work.

Use them to dramatically increase workflow. As much automation has been included as well to help safe time on menial tasks involving preparation and getting reliable results. Browse our product listings above to see our current offerings of Sartorius scales for sale.


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