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Shop Digital Hanging Scales with Certified Scale

Light-Duty Digital Hanging Scales for Healthcare Environments & More

Built for light-duty tasks, precision digital hanging scales are an excellent choice for a wide range of suspended weighing tasks and applications. (For more heavy-duty scales, please browse our digital crane scales category.) Some of the more notable features of our light-duty scales include accurate weighing solutions in healthcare environments, durable S-hook adjustable automatic shutoff, and kg/lb/lb-oz units of measurement compatibility.

Our light-weight hanging scales are offered by the Rice Lake Weighing Systems brand.

Benefits of Digital Hanging Scales

Benefits of digital hanging scales for sale online include an ergonomic design, LCD display, clear measurements, having several units of measurement available, and a carrying case:

  • A reliable hold function
  • Units of measure in kilograms, pounds, and pounds/ounces
  • An adjustable automatic shutoff options
  • Battery operated, with two "AA" batteries included with the purchase of your scale
  • Carrying case included
  • Sleek, ergonomic handheld design

Shop now by using our handy capacity, resolution, and price filter options on the left column. Browse our Rice Lake Weighing Systems scales and other industrial hanging scales and get great deals today!

Digital Hanging Scales by Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is one of the most reliable industry leaders in the weighing market. With superior industrial hanging weight scale designs and a long shelf life, you will have everything you need in Rice Lake digital hanging scale products. Since 1946, Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ goal has been to be the best by every measure.

When you choose our Rice Lake products, you can always expect them to be high-quality, efficient, and accurate. In addition, each industrial hanging scale features an adjustable automatic shutoff functionality and ergonomic handheld design. Carrying cases and top s-hooks are included in the purchase of one of these hanging scales. Shop Rice Lake hanging scales here.

Industrial Hanging Scales FAQs

What is a hanging scale?

A hanging scale, also known as a crane scale, is designed to measure the weight of a load suspended from a hook. This setup allows the scale to hang from various types of machinery, hooks, or apparatuses, making it versatile for different environments and uses. The load is attached to the scale's hook, which then measures its weight accurately. Certified Scale has decades of industry experience providing hanging scales to clients throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Are hanging scales accurate?

Yes, hanging scales are highly accurate, providing up to 99% accuracy. The latest digital models, available at Certified Scale, offer even higher accuracy compared to older models. These advancements in technology ensure precise measurements for all your weighing needs.

How do hanging digital scales work?

Hanging digital scales operate by suspending the load from a hook rather than placing it on a weighing pan or platform, as with other industrial scales. These scales use a load cell to measure the weight, which then transfers the reading to a digital display. For instance, Rice Lake Weighing Systems scales use this technology to provide reliable and accurate weight measurements.

What are hanging scales used for?

Digital hanging scales are used in a variety of applications, ranging from weighing grocery items like dried food, produce, and meats, to measuring luggage and heavy industrial loads. Their compact design makes them ideal for conserving space, and their versatility ensures they can be used in many different settings.

Where to buy hanging scales?

If you're looking to purchase digital hanging scales online, Certified Scale is a trusted source with decades of experience in selling industrial hanging scales. We offer a wide range of scales suitable for various applications. Share your specific needs with us, and we can recommend the best scale for your requirements.

Hanging Scales for Sale Since 1969

Digital hanging scales are our specialty! Our company, Certified Scale, has been in the industry since 1969. We have locations in both Menomonee Falls and the Fox Cities and are fully committed to providing only the best products and services for scales and balances. Certified Scale was the first calibration laboratory dedicated exclusively to weighing devices in the state of Wisconsin to achieve ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by A2LA. We first received our certification in 1999. In addition, we are a local and online resource for lab equipment rentals, first class technicians, professional software development, and custom fabrication.

Digital hanging scales, analytical balances, bench scales, crane scales, checkweighers, dynamometers, and micro balances are our specialty. If you have questions about digital hanging scales, item specs, shipping, pricing, or how to effectively use a scale in your environment, please contact us on our website today. Our team is looking forward to serving you.