Entris Analytical Balances

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Certified Scale’s Entris analytical balances feature a user-friendly operation, high-contrast backlit display, built-in applications and function keys for convenient operation, and easy cleaning. It is designed for highly precise and error-free operation for use in many industries and facilities.

The Entris analytical balance is a Sartorius balance designed specifically for reliable weighing results, with an easy-to-understand interface. An excellent choice for weighing, determining density, calculating percentage, counting, and conversions, and detecting unstable conditions, this highly accurate scale is a must-have for your industrial facility or business setting.

The great thing is that these balances have all the features a standard Sartorius balance has to offer, however, with an Entris, you only pay for the features you really need!

Entris Analytical Balances

Entris Balances - Key Features:

  • Easy Cleaning - Our Entris analytical balances are easy-to-clean. Additionally, the side and top sliding door can be removed for ease of access and the stainless steel parts of the balance scale are easy to clean.
  • High Accuracy - Utilizing the monolithic weighing system, the Entris analytical balance from Sartorius ensures that your measurements are precise for the long-term.
  • Basic Applications - The Entris analytical balance supports the user by providing basic, straightforward applications such as animal weighing, density determination, counting, or conversion. No matter your usage, the Entris will provide exceptionally accurate results.
  • User-Friendly - Providing built-in applications and function keys for easy operation, the Entris analytical balance is an exceptionally user-friendly device. It also features a backlit, high-contrast display.

Shop All Entris Analytical Balances

When you shop with Certified Scale, you will get great deals on high quality scales. In addition, you can save money on any additional accessories needed along with your scale. Below we have listed some of the Entris analytical balances we have in stock. Please contact our experts today with any questions on inventory, specifications, shipping and handling, pricing and more.

Sartorius ENTRIS124i-1S Entris Series Analytical Balance, 120 g x 0.0001 g

Sartorius ENTRIS224-1S Entris Series Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.0001 g

Sartorius ENTRIS224i-1S Entris Series Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.0001 g