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Why choose Rice Lake Weighing Systems for your weighing solutions? Regardless of the type of measurement system you need, Rice Lake products deliver on quality and superb technology for the healthcare, food, agriculture, forestry, pharmaceuticals, retail, transportation, and logistics industries.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is ISO 9001 certified. The company is family-owned, providing services to customers since opening in 1946, in Rice Lake, WI. Certified Scale is proud to be an authorized distributor of Rice Lake products, including floor scale systems, precision laboratory weight sets, weigh system platforms, home health scales, and more.

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Our Rice Lake Scales

Hanging Scales

Our Rice Lake hanging scales feature an excellent, ergonomic handheld design. Versatile in its applications and weighing up to 99 pounds, these scales are designed for the healthcare industry – namely for weighing infants and toddlers for pediatric care.

Our Rice Lake hanging scales provide everything you need when it comes to safety, quality, and accuracy. They are battery-operated, with a carrying case and a top S-hook included.

Contact Certified Scale today for more information about our Rice Lake hanging scales. At Certified Scale, we always stand by our pledge to deliver on quality, professional services, and customer support - and our hanging scale products and services are no exception!

Hanging Scale

Digital Baby Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems also provides digital baby scales, also for the measurement of infants. Use these scales to accurately weigh babies up to 44 pounds.

Our Rice Lake digital baby scales are equipped with large, easy-to-read 1” LCD displays, automatic shut-off for lasting battery life, and dual range capacity for better precision.

Our digital scales are portable, easy to maintain/clean, and are long-lasting. Expect great product longevity with a Rice Lake digital scale!

Reach out to our skilled team today for questions or assistance with your digital baby scale troubleshooting, information, and more. We are proud to be an authorized distributor of digital baby scales and other weighing equipment from Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Rice Lake Weighing Digital Baby Scale

Wheelchair Scales

Do you need to invest in wheelchair scales to better support your patients? Look no further than the Rice Lake products at Certified Scale to supply your needs.

For patients who use wheelchairs, Rice Lake’s wheelchair scales provide high capacity and accurate weighing. Lightweight, foldable, and integrated wheels, you will be able to transport our Rice Lake wheelchair scales with ease.

This Rice Lake scale is also easy to store – with a folded depth of 11.75”. Each wheelchair scale we sell provides a ramp for easy access, a stable base, a push-button LCD display, hold functionality, and advanced movement compensation Motiontrap™ technology.

Some of our wheelchair scales are single ramp, and some are dual ramp. Some scales also come with a chair, if needed.

Need assistance with your wheelchair scale? Please contact the expert team at Certified Scale today for more information! Shop all wheelchair scales online today.

Wheelchair Scale

Handrail Scales

Are you in need of handrail scales with Motiontrap™ technology to provide your patients with extra support?

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is your go-to brand for healthcare weighing solutions. Our handrail scales provide patients with additional support and safety while being weighed. These scales are powered with an advanced movement compensation Motiontrap™ technology that lessens the chance of error caused by movement of an unsteady patient.

Rice Lake handrail scales also feature two heavy-duty back wheels to make transportation and storing much easier.

Questions? Please contact Certified Scale today with questions, shipping information, troubleshooting, and more about our handrail scales.

Handrail Scale

Digital Chair Scales

For patients who experience difficultly with standing, we have digital chair scales available to make this a more comfortable experience for them.

For best performance, this product features an enameled tubular steel frame, four locking caster wheels, a flip-up footrest for added patient comfort, swing-up arms, a push-button LCD display, BMI function, etc.

The digital chair scale is for use for up to 660 pounds. If you have any questions about product info, shipping, troubleshooting, etc., please give our team a call today.

Digital Chair Scale

Digital Physician Scales

Our digital physician scales from Rice Lake feature a large, stable scale base, hold functionality, BMI functionality, and units of measure by pounds, kilograms, or pounds/kilograms.

Our Rice Lake scales for physicians are designed for a modern appearance and contemporary functionality. Each scale we sell is equipped with an integrated height rod that tucks within the scale column.

The push-button display lights up for excellent viewability and emits an audible beeping sound at the end of each weighing.

Have questions about our digital physician scales? Contact our team today!

Digital Physician Scale

Cargo Lift Scales

Do you need cargo lift scales? The CLS Series by Rice Lake Weighing Systems provides forklift scale mounts for most Class II and Class III lift trucks. Our cargo lift scale can be paired with a device for weight display through either a cable or cableless connection.

Our Rice Lake Weighing Systems CLS products are NTEP approved, have a painted mild steel material/finish, and have a 5,000-pound capacity. The product pictured here is our Rice Lake Weighing CLS-920i Wired Cargo Lift Scale.

Need more information about our CLS scales? Contact Certified Scale today for assistance.

Cargo Lift Scales

Computing Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is also your trusted brand for computing scales. With our computing scales, you can easily toggle between pounds, kilograms, and ounces. Look up PLU keys for direct price searches and take advantage of the swiveling pole to face the direction you need it to.

Equipped with backlit LCD display, cash back calculation, a battery charge indicator, and unmatched convenience and accuracy, look no further than Rice Lake for professional computing scales.

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our skilled team, and we'll be happy to help!

Rice Lake Weighing Systems Computing Scales

Why Choose Certified Scale for Rice Lake Scales?

At Certified Scale, we have decades of experience with weighing devices for customers in Wisconsin and beyond. We are an independent dealer that proudly represents several well-known brands in the industry – including Rice Lake and Sartorius.

Unparalleled in quality, we have been proudly serving Wisconsin since we opened in 1969. Our skilled technicians are highly trained to perform services on a variety of scale products. In 1999, we were among the first scale companies in the state of Wisconsin to achieve ISO/IEC accreditation.

Questions? Please call the Certified Scale team today at 1 (800) 455-9107 or email us here for 24/7 services! Our scale company is happy to help with any questions or services relating to Rice Lake scale products.