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Practum balances and Practum scales are highly sensitive instruments manufactured with the purpose to accurately measure mass. With the reliability of our most robust scales, you can get the best value for your money without compromising precision and durability.

Practum Balance Technology

Our Sartorius Practum precision balances include color touchscreen technology, integrated application programs, external calibration functionality, an overload protection feature, Plug & Play functionality (mini USB port), PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer, and leveling guided by the level indicator.

The Practum scale is your choice for weighing, determining density, calculating percentage, counting, and conversions — a must-have for your industrial facility.

When it comes to Practum balances from Certified Scale, you are only paying for the features you really need. Our Practum balances have everything you need for standard weighing.

Practum Analytical Balances

Practum Balances - Key Features:

  • Easy Cleaning - The Practum balances from Certified Scale are easy-to-clean. Additionally, the side and top sliding door can be removed for ease of access and the stainless steel parts of the balance scale are easy to clean.
  • High Accuracy - Utilizing the monolithic weighing system, the Practum balances by Sartorius ensure that your measurements are precise for the long-term.
  • Basic Applications - Practum scales provide the user straightforward applications such as animal weighing, density determination, counting, or conversion. Regardless of how you use a Practum scale, it will provide extremely detailed results.
  • User-Friendly - Our Practum scales provide built-in applications and function keys for easy operation. These are exceptionally user-friendly devices which feature a backlit, high-contrast display for ease of usability.

Shop All Practum Analytical Balances

Certified Scale is your source for Practum analytical balances by Sartorius. When you shop with us, you will get great deals on high-quality scales and any needed additional accessories. Below are all our Practum balances. If you have questions regarding inventory, specifications, shipping and handling, pricing, etc., our experts are here to assist you.