18 Results
  1. 10,000 lb (8)
  2. 5000 lb (8)
  3. 1000 lb (2)
  1. 0.5 lb (2)
  2. 2 lb (8)
  3. 1 lb (8)
$0 $3734 $0 to $3734
Product Manufacturer
  1. Rice Lake Weighing (18)
Product Model
  1. Summit (4)
  2. RoughDeck (12)
Legal for Trade (NTEP)
  1. Yes (18)
  1. Cast Iron (2)
  2. Mild Steel (16)
Platform Length
  1. 24" (2)
  2. 4' (16)
Platform Width
  1. 18" (2)
  2. 4' (16)
Platform Height
  1. 3.5" (12)
  2. 3.625" (4)
  1. RS-232 (16)

Large Industrial Floor Scales

When it comes to large industrial floor scales, you will want to look for a number of important features, including:

  • Appropriate level of capacity
  • Resolution or weighing range
  • Price range
  • Trusted product manufacturer
  • Reliable material
  • Platform length/width/height

Our website makes it easy to browse our scales and sort by these features to get the exact product that matches your requirements. We have downloadable pdfs detailing product information, dimensions, and instructions on how to use. Questions about your floor scale? Simply give our team a call at 1-800-455-9107 and we will be happy to assist.

Platform Scales that are NTEP Approved

Here at Certified Scale, we offer high quality platform scales to weigh anything from shipping pallets to massive roll of steel and more at affordable prices. In addition, our platform scales are NTEP approved. This means that they are certified for both industrial and shipping use. Being NTEP approved means that our scales have been tested to ensure they provide accurate and consistent measurements. Our Rice Lake Weighing Systems scales will equip you with the weighing solutions you need to make your industrial work more effective.

Certified Scale serves Milwaukee, WI area and nationwide customers from around the country, providing quality, reliable weighing solutions for floor scales and more. If you are looking for platform scale solutions, look no further than Certified Scale. Simply place your order online, or give us a call at 1-800-455-9107 to get your scale today.