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The Sartorius Quintix balances and Quintix scales available at Certified Scale are highly sensitive instruments designed with fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style, and Sartorius' revolutionary new touch screen user interface. These touch screen user interfaces are designed with built-in application programs to make your workflow much more efficient.

Quintix Balance Technology

Our Quintix balances are powered by a color touchscreen with intuitive operation, isoCAL: internal calibration and adjustment functionality, CAL audit trail functionality, Menu protection, Plug & Play functionality (mini USB port), PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer, and leveling guided a level indicator.

Quintix Analytical Balances

The Quintix scale is a must-have for your industrial facility. Now you can weigh, calculate, and convert more easily and efficiently than ever.

In addition, Quintix analytical balances provide a number of other features: fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and a large touchscreen with self-explanatory icons and plain-text prompts to show you all the information you need to know for the procedure - no more, no less!

Quintix Balances - Key Features:

  • Easy Cleaning - These Quintix balances are easy to clean, and the side and top sliding door can even be removed for ease of access. In addition, the stainless steel parts of the Quintix balance scale are easy to clean.
  • High Accuracy - Certified Scales' Quintix balances use the monolithic weighing system, ensuring that your measurements are exact for the long-term.
  • User-Friendly - Our Quintix scales provide built-in applications and a large, user-friendly touchscreen.

Shop All Quintix Analytical Balances

Shop Sartorius Quintix balances. When you shop with us, you will get great deals on robust scales and additional scale accessories. Below are some of our Qunitix scales. Please contact us with any questions regarding inventory, specifications, shipping and handling, and pricing. Our Quintix scale experts are here to assist you.