MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Digital Tension Dynamometer with RF module, 1000 lb x 0.5 lb (MSI PN 503381-0001)

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  • RF modem install for connectivity to MSI-8000, MSI-8000HD RF, MSI-8004HD RF remote display (100 ft line of sight)

  • Display: 6-digit, 1" (25.4 mm) LCD display

  • Power: two "C" alkaline batteries for capacities up to 10,000 lb (5000 kg)

  • Enclosure: NEMA Type 4, IP65, anodized corrosion-resistant finish

  • Top and bottom shackles available separately and are not included


Dyna-Link 2 is lighter and more portable than its predecessor. It interfaces with industry-standard Crosby® shackles and a variety of accessories and options, including wireless connectivity with the MSI-8000 and 8000HD RF remote display (with RF equipped units). Long-range viewing is enhanced by a large six-digit, 1 inch (25.4 mm) LCD display with resolution settings up to 5,000 divisions and precision accuracy over a wide range of capacities.

Dyna-Link 2 is constructed of high-grade, aircraft-quality aluminum with an anodized finish and gasket sealing to ensure NEMA 4/IP65 rated environmental protection. Peak digital processing with low power consumption provides up to 300 hours of operation from standard common batteries during typical use. The optional MSI-8000 RF remote display provides full-function remote control of Dyna-Link 2 features up to distances of 100 feet (30 m). An integrated serial port offers interface capabilities with data collection devices.

Capacity 1000 lb (500 kg)
Readability 0.5 lb (0.2 kg)
Accuracy 0.1% of rated capacity
Enclosure NEMA Type 4, IP65, anodized corrosion-resistant finish
Material 2024 aircraft grade aluminum
Design Overload 200% safe / 700 % ultimate
Functions On/Off, Zero, Hi-Speed Peak Hold, Setpoints, Total, Tare, Auto-Off, Motion Filter
Display 6 digit, 1" (25.4 mm) LCD
Displayable Units Pounds, kilograms, kilonewtons, tons, metric tons
LED Annunciators Function 1, Function 2, Setpoint 1, Setpoint 2
LCD Annunciators Net, Center of Zero, Stable, Battery Test, Peak Hold, Total
Power Two "C" alkaline batteries (for capacities up to 10,000 lb)
Operating Time From 150 to 300 hours in typical use, depending on unit capacity and battery configuration
Operating Temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Calibration Digital
Filtering OFF, LO, HI selectable
Data Output Serial RS-232
Warranty Two year limited

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