Sartorius MA37-1US Infrared Moisture Analyzer, 70 g x 1 mg / 0.01%

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  • All units of the Sartorius MA37-1US show results in % Moisture, grams / dry matter in % Solids and grams / ATRO in % M/S

  • Touch screen display

  • Active display of moisture curve during process

  • LED-illuminated sample chamber, inspection window with grid above the hood

  • Shutoff parameters including: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and with timer settings

  • 1 program saved in non-volatile memory (freely selectable method parameters)

  • Removable hood with wide opening angle, "Soft-Close" mechanism

  • Mini USB, automatic printer detection

  • Direct data transfer to PC programs

  • Infrared heating using metal tube heater


Sartorius Infrared Moisture Analyzer

The Sartorius MA37 is a next-generation moisture analyzer that continues the success story of the MA35. With the Sartorius infrared moisture analyzer MA37, you get fast, accurate results and an easy-to-operate moisture analyzer that gets the job done. Moreover, this compact device features a "BetterClean" design for effortless cleaning. The status light on this device makes it easy to track the current progress of a measurement. With all these powerful features, the MA37 is ideal for users who require a fast, 100% reliable moisture analyzer that provides accurate measurement results and excellent user-friendliness.

Sartorius MA37-1US Infrared Moisture Analyzer Price & Specs

A next-generation moisture analyzer, the high-quality Sartorius MA37-1US Infrared Moisture Analyzer model provides everything you need in a moisture analyzer for a reasonable price. Experience highly detailed precision, measurement accuracy, and a reliable moisture analysis. With its special design and removable parts, the MA37 is the best solution for your recurring moisture assessments.

No matter if you are in production or the lab, you will find this model to be a reliable moisture analyzer with its high-performance infrared heating. Specifically, the infrared heating allows for shortened measurement times by simultaneously providing precise and reproducible results. See all the specs for this model below:

Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer

Maximum Weighing Capacity 70 g
Reproducibility, typically

For initial sample weights of approximately ≥ 1 g: ± 0.2%

For initial sample weights of approximately ≥ 5 g: ± 0.05%

Readability 1 mg, 0.01%
Typical Sample Quantity 5 -15 g
Display Modes for Results Moisture content in %M and g, dry weight in %S and g, ATRO (ratio) in %M/S
Temperature Range and Settings 40°C - 200° C, in increments of 1 degree Celsius. Standby temperature selectable from 50°C - 120°C.
Sample Heating Infrared metal heating elements
Heating Programs Standard drying, gentle drying, MA35 mode
Shutoff Parameter

Choice of modes:

- Fully automatic
- Semiautomatic mg (1 - 50 mg | 5 - 300 sec.)
- Semiautomatic % (0.1 % - 5.0 % | 5 - 300 sec.)
- Timer settings (02:00 - 99.59 min.)
- Manual

Access to Sample Chamber Removable hood with wide opening angle, SoftClose mechanism
Measuring Program 1 program saved in the non-volatile memory (user-definable method parameters)
Memory for Data Storage Results are saved until the start of the next measurement
Operator Guidance Features Intuitive user interface, including touch screen and easy-to-understand menu prompts
Languages Selectable in Menu English set as the default; can be changed in the menu to Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
Status Light Displays the status “analysis running / START”, “analysis completed / STOP” or “analysis error”
Sample Inspection LED-illuminated sample chamber, inspection window with grid above the hood
Draft Shield Integrated draft shield
Cleaning Removable hood, grid and sample chamber plate for easy cleaning in a laboratory dishwasher

- Printout using the optional, internal printer YDP30 (purchased separately); alternatively, the printer YDP20-OCE can be used with an adapter (YCC03-D09) (printer and cable purchased separately)

- GLP-compliant, inalterable standard for printout of the results / paper-saving mode for short record

Performance Test Menu function for testing the analyzer's performance using a ReproEasy pad
Monitoring and Control of the Accuracy of the Analyzer as Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment External calibration using optional calibration weights; temperature adjustment with optional adjustment set
Data Interface

Mini USB port:

- Automatic detection of the Sartorius printers YDP30 and YDP40
- Direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programs without any additional software
- Programmable data output interval
- SBI data transfer protocol

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Maximum 640 VA
Temperature Range 10°C - 30°C
Housing Dimensions (W x D x H) 215 mm x 400 mm x 210 mm (8.5" x 15.7" x 8.3")
Weight Approximately 6.2 kg (13.6 lb)

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