Dillon EDX-75T "Red" EDXtreme Dynamometer, 160,000 lbf, radio-ready* with two shackles and storage case

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  • Computer serial cable with 9-pin D connector, 12 ft / 3.6 m (DIL-PN 36057-0022MTS) (PN ) SKU: $200.00
  • Mains power supply, 100-240 VAC/5V to RS-232 for "Red" EDXtreme/Communicator II/Quick Check (DIL-PN AWT25-501124) (PN ) SKU: $560.00
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  • Communicator II with radio, display backlight and 105dB audible alarm (DIL-PN AWT05-509199) (PN ) SKU: $2,475.00

  • *Requires radio-equipped Communicator II, sold separately

  • Sturdy aircraft-quality alloy steel

  • High-resolution dot-matrix LCD display

  • Injection molded, thick Lexan display panel

  • Softkey interface

  • NEMA 4X / IP 55

  • Easy access battery compartment


The EDXtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon dynamometers. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety.* While the EDXtreme may be configured for something as simple as a digital hanging scale, it offers a higher level of intelligence. With user-defined functions and sophisticated communication options, the EDXtreme readily adapts to multi-tasking operations or multi-link systems capable of monitoring a series of critical stress points from a single location — it is the definition of application versatility.

* Models with 75T/160,000 lb or higher capacity feature a 4:1 safety factor and 0.3% accuracy.

Capacity x Resolution - lbf 160,000 x 100/50 (normal/enhanced)
Capacity x Resolution - kgf 75,000 x 50/20 (normal/enhanced)
Construction Aircraft-quality E4340 alloy steel
Enclosure Designed to NEMA 4X / IP55. Suitable for continuous outdoor use.
Accuracy 0.3% of capacity (normal resolution mode with Dillon provided shackles)
Repeatability 0.3% of capacity (normal resolution mode with Dillon provided shackles)
Proof Load 150% of capacity
Ultimate Overload 400%
Safe Overload 200% of capacity
Body Protection Aluminum and alloy steel capacities are powder coated
Bearings Unmatched repeatability attained by needle bearings in shackle pin holes up to EDX-5T. Shackle pin acts as inner race.
Shackles Forged industry standard anchor shackles. Models up to EDX-5T use precision machined shackle pin. Higher capacities use bar stock pin.
Display 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display shows up to 6 digits 1.0" (26 mm) high plus annunciators and softkeys. Digits are 0.11" (3 mm) thick for unmatched readability.
Display Update Rate 2 times per second
Peak Capture Rate 10/100/1000 Hz
Connector Recessed sealed connector may be used for serial communications or connection to a Communicator II remote.
RS-232 Communication Print or extract data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard. Configurable poll character.
Calibration Traceable to NIST. Certificate included with curve of readings. Passes only with three consecutive confirming runs, with all points in specification.
Battery Life Stand alone EDXtreme with no radio and no backlight lasts up to 400+ hours. 150 continuous with Radio Link System. Use with two "C" cell alkaline batteries. (When using backlight, battery life will be reduced, depending on intensity.)
Operating Temperature -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Included with Instrument Certificate of calibration, manual, batteries, rugged plywood storage case, shackle centering spacers and shackle storage crate
Unit Weight (with shackles) 283 lb (129 kg)
Approval CE

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