Sartorius MCA10.6S-2S00-M Cubis II Micro Complete Balance, 10.1 g x 1 µg

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Lead Time
This Sartorius Cubis II Series balance is built-to-order and has an approximate lead time of 6 weeks.

  • MCA Display and control unit:

    • Display: large, high-end 7" color touch TFT display in 16:9 format with new user interface

    • Software: factory installed basic set of essential weighing applications (license free). Packages with special weighing applications and function extensions (license required) are available as an option.

    • Operation: activated by touch key, touch-free using IR sensor (with draft shield M), or gesture sensor (optional), learning capability.

  • Draft Shield M:

    • Automatic, glass

    • Chamber height: 67 mm (2.6")

    • Learning capability


The modular weighing system Cubis® II can be individually configured from different components. The ability to combine the display unit, weighing module, draft shield, software packages for various applications and functions and a comprehensive range of accessories allows the individual adaptation of the Cubis® II balance to all weighing tasks. The Cubis® II range of premium laboratory balances with a maximum load between 2.1 g and 70 kg and a readability between 0.1 μg to 1 g provide the ideal model for every application.

Capacity x Readability 10.1 g x 0.001 mg
Draft Shield Type Draft Shield M
  • Automatic, glass
  • Chamber height: 67 mm (2.6")
  • Learning capability
  • Pan size: 30 mm
Repeatability at 5% Load Standard deviation of the load values, tolerance 0.001 mg
Standard deviation of the load values, typical value 0.0005 mg
Repeatability Near Max Standard deviation of the load values, tolerance 0.001 mg
Standard deviation of the load values, typical value 0.0006 mg
Linearity Deviation Tolerance 0.004 mg
Typical value 0.003 mg
Deviation at Eccentric Loading, Positions According to OIML R76 Test Weight 5 g
Tolerance 0.004 mg
Typical Value 0.003 mg
Sensitivity drift between +10 °C and +30 °C 1 ppm/K
Tare Maximum Capacity: Less Than 100% of Maximum Capacity Accuracy class according to Directive 2014/31/EU I
Verification scale interval (e) according to Directive 2014/31/EU 1 mg
Minimum load (Min) according to Directive 2014/31/EU 0.1 mg
Minimum Weight According to USP (United States Pharmacopeia), Chapter 41 Optimal minimum weight 0.82 mg
Typical minimum weight 0.82 mg
Typical stabilization time 5 sec.
Typical measurement time 8 sec.
Recommended Calibration Weight External test load 10 g
Accuracy class, according to OIML R111-1 E2
Dimensions MCA/MCE weighing module (L x W x H)* 340 mm x 139 mm x 129 mm
MCA electronics module (L x W x H) 355 mm x 240 mm x 61 mm
Weighing pan size ø 30 mm
Weight, approximately* 6.4/7.1 kg

* Depending upon weighing pan size, filter weighing pan and draft shield

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