Sartorius QUINTIX6101-1S Quintix Series Precision Balance, 6100 g x 0.1 g

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Calibration Method

Calibration ensures Regulatory and Audit Compliance

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  • Color touchscreen with intuitive operation

  • isoCAL: internal calibration and adjustment function

  • CAL audit trail function

  • Menu protection

  • Plug & Play functionality via mini USB port

  • PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer

  • Leveling guided by the level indicator


Make your routine lab work easy with our revolutionary user interface. The Sartorius Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances. A number of features make your workflow much more efficient, such as fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and, above all, the entirely new touchscreen user interface with built-in application programs. The self-explanatory icons and plain-text prompts on the large touchscreen show you all the information you need to know for the procedure - no more, no less.

Capacity 6100 g
Readability 100 mg
Repeatability (standard deviation) 100 mg
Linearity Deviation 300 mg
Typical Starting point of the Operating Range * 82 g
Optimal Starting Point of the Operating Range * 82 g
Sensitivity Drift between +10°C and +30° C ± 10 ppm/K
Typical Stabilization Time 1.5 seconds
Calibration isoCAL internal calibration
isoCAL Settings Temperature Change: 4 K
Time Interval: 24 h
Display Result (depending on the set filter level) 0.1 / 0.2 s
Weighing Pan Size ø 180 mm (ø 7")
Leveling Glass level indicator with air bubble for centering
Selectable Weight Units Gram, kilogram, carat, pound, ounce, troy ounce, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, grain, pennyweights, milligram, parts per pound, China tael, mommes, Austrian carat, tola, baht, mesghal and Newton (limited for verified models)

Mini USB

  • Automatic recognition of Sartorius printer models YDP30 or YDP40 (not included)
  • Direct data transfer to Microsoft Windows programs
  • Programmable interval for data output
  • Data transfer protocols SBI, xBPI, table format, text format
Display Touch screen with Sartorius graphical user interface
Standard Built-in Applications Weighing, Density, Percentage, Checkweighing, Peak Hold, Counting, Unstable Conditions (Animal Weighing)
Anti-theft Lock Kensington lock and lockdown capability for cable or chain (not included)
Net Weight (approximately) 4.7 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 359 mm x 214 mm x 88 mm (14.1" x 8.4" x 3.5")

* According to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Chapter 41, the optimal operating range is defined from 820d to maximum weighing capacity. Depending on the installation location and environmental conditions, the value could be higher.

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