A&D MC-6100S Mass Comparator, 6100 g x 0.001 g, with auto-centering pan and glass breeze break

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  • Analog output, factory installed only, for MC Series (A&D-PN GX-06) (PN ) SKU: $990.00
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  • AC adapter, 120V/220V, for BM, HR-A, HR-AZ, HR, GR, GF, GX, GF-K, GX-K, FX-i, FZ-i, MC, AD-4212A/B/C, AD-8918, HF, HM, HP, HF-G (A&D-PN TB:648) (PN ) SKU: $50.00
  • Multi-function printer (A&D-PN AD-8127) (PN ) SKU: $1,010.00

  • Manage ASTM and OIML weights

  • Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology

  • Auto-centering pan

  • RS-232C and WinCT software standard

  • Auto environmental adjustment

  • Internal calibration

  • Counting/percentage/comparator modes

  • Bright VFD display

  • GLP/LIMS/ISO compliance

  • Underhook


Equipped with an internal mass for simplified calibration of the balance. Enhanced function settings reduce errors due to drafts and vibrations. The MC Series may also be used as high resolution balances. Display weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of this capacity. The extended resolution enables measurements of minute weight changes of heavy objects and small variations in heavy tare containers.

Weighing Capacity 6100 g
Minimum Weighing Value 0.001 g
Repeatability (Standard Deviation) * 0.004 g (5 kg to 2 kg)
0.0015 g (less than 2 kg)
Linearity ±0.03 g
Sensitivity Drift (10°C - 30°C/50°F - 86°F) ±2 ppm / °C
Accuracy Immediately After Internal Calibration ** ±0.15 g
Operating Environment 5° C to 40° C (41° F to 104° F), 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Display Refresh Rate 5 times/second or 10 times/second
Display Mode Gram, ounce, pound, pound-ounce, troy ounce, metric carat, momme, pennyweight, grain, counting mode, percent mode, density mode, and a user-programmable unit
Standard interface RS-232C
Weighing Pan Size 165 mm x 165 mm (6.05" x 6.05")
External Dimensions 210 mm x 317 mm x 86 mm (8.27" x 12.48" x 3.39")
Net Weight Approximately 5.1 kg (11.2 lb)
Power Consumption Approximately 11VA (supplied to AC adapter)

* Repeatability when the auto-centering pan or an automatic loading machine is used under good ambient conditions.

** Accuracy immediately after internal calibration performed under good environmental conditions. The values are for the weighing capacities.

Note: The bundled auto-centering pan must be used to achieve the published specifications of the MC Series (except MC-100KS).

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