Sartorius MSA524P-100-DU Cubis Analytical Complete Balance, 120/240/520 g x 0.1/0.2/0.5 mg

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Calibration Method

Calibration ensures Regulatory and Audit Compliance

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  • Small weigh boat, anti-static polystyrene with pour spout, 50/pkg (PN YBW01S) (PN ) SKU: $22.00
  • Weigh boat kit, anti-static polystyrene with pour spout, 30/pkg (PN YBW01K) (PN ) SKU: $57.00
  • Modular design

  • User configurable and custom designed to meet changing applications

  • Meets advanced Pharma compliance including user/password management for security; audit trail function logs, and integrated alibi memory

  • Q-Guide enables tasks and work (MSA display)

  • Electrically conductive coating on glass panels of draft shield

  • RS-232 and USB communication

  • Easy cleaning by removing glass doors

  • Underweigh hook included

  • Draft shield


Cubis Premium Laboratory Balances offer a never-before seen freedom of choice, as it's the first and only laboratory balance featuring a modular design to configure display/control units, weighing modules, draft shields and interfaces, as well as be adapted to the changing requirements of different applications.  It's for users who expect the best possible performance from a laboratory balance, but who only want to invest in what is necessary.


  • Only pay for what you need.  Choose from different options to configure a balance to suit individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration in a weighing process.
  • Broad portfolio ranging from ultra-micro to high capacity balances with high-precision weighing performance for fast and accurate results.
  • Safe and easy to use with Q-Guide.  Specific tasks can be easily defined through the interactive operator guidance to program settings and hide information that isn't relevant.
  • With Q-Level, weigh with ease knowing your balance will always be level.  Cubis is the only laboratory balance that automatically checks, performs and documents its exact leveling.
  • Cubis individual - a more effective way to increase process efficiency and promote fail-safe reliability in the weighing process by implementing Q-Apps directly in the Cubis.
  • Fast and straight-forward communication with Q-Com.  Three fixed (USB, RS-232C, Ethernet) and three optional interfaces make almost all forms of bi-directional communication possible.
  • Cubis is well-protected against fluid spillage and has an easily removable, high-grade stainless steel weigh pan and shield plate.  In seconds, the balance can be ready again for measurements.
  • With Q-Pan, the need to position a sample exactly in the middle of the pan isn't as critical since it significantly reduces off-center load errors to promote safer, more accurate weighing.
  • A wide selection of accessories can adapt to various vessel types for ergonomic operation and can also function in harsh workplace conditions for safer, more efficient weighing.


  • Unit conversions
  • SQmin for monitoring the operating range according to USP Ch. 41
  • isoCAL automatic calibration/adjustment function
  • Individual identifiers
  • Density determination
  • Statistics
  • Calculations
  • Averaging
  • Formulation
  • Weighing in percent
  • Time-controlled functions
  • Totalizing
  • DKD measurement uncertainty
  • Second tare memory
  • Counting
  • Checkweighing
  • Alibi memory
  • Audit trail
Capacity 120/240/520 g
Readability 0.1/0.2/0.5 mg
Reproducibility (±) 0.15/0.2/0.4 mg
Linearity (±) 0.5 mg
Pan Size 85 mm x 85 mm (3.3” x 3.3")
Calibration Type isoCAL
Operation Touch screen, keys for central basic function
Display High-resolution color TFT, 5.7” graphic display
Adaptation of the Display and Control Unit Tiltable display, removable display and control unit
Standard Data Interfaces
  • USB (integrated into weighing module)

  • RS-232C accessory interface, 25-pin (integrated into weighing module)

  • Ethernet (integrated into display and control unit)

  • Various data protocols available (can also be connected to software designed for external manufacturers)

  • Bluetooth (optional accessory)

SD Card Reader Integrated as standard into display and control unit
Leveling Fully automatic motorized leveling
Draft Shield Manual, glass, chamber height 261 mm (10.3")



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