50 Results
Capacity (1)
120 g
  1. 220 g (63)
  2. 120 g (50)
  3. 320 g (39)
  4. 420 g (4)
  5. 620 g (6)
  6. 3200 g (2)
  7. 6200 g (1)
  8. 21 g (1)
  9. 60 g (6)
  10. 250 g (2)
  11. 210 g (4)
  12. 310 g (2)
  13. 110 g (3)
  14. 610 g (1)
  15. 1100 g (1)
  16. 122 g (3)
  17. 1200 g (1)
  18. 520 g (18)
  19. 2.1 g (6)
  20. 6.1 g (6)
  21. 3.1 g (6)
  22. 102 g (2)
  23. 152 g (2)
  24. 252 g (2)
  25. 30 g (1)
  26. 82 g (3)
  27. 10.1 g (5)
  28. 650 g (3)
  29. 62 g (1)
  1. 0.1 mg (34)
  2. 0.01 mg (10)
  3. 0.001 g (2)
  4. 1 mg (1)
  5. 0.0001 g (3)
$0 $46826 $0 to $46826
Product Manufacturer
  1. A&D (4)
  2. Ohaus (11)
  3. Rice Lake Weighing (1)
  4. Sartorius (34)
Product Model
  1. Apollo (2)
  2. Gemini (1)
  3. Phoenix (1)
  4. Pioneer (2)
  5. Adventurer (3)
  6. Explorer (4)
  7. Quintix (2)
  8. Secura (3)
  9. Cubis (23)
  10. BCE Entris II (3)
  11. BCA Entris II (2)
  12. Quintix Pro (1)
Legal for Trade (NTEP)
  1. Yes (4)
Calibration Type
  1. Internal (44)
  2. External (5)
  1. Aluminum (2)
  2. ABS Plastic (2)
Platform Length
  1. 85 mm (23)
Platform Width
  1. 85 mm (23)
Platform Diameter
  1. 80 mm (5)
  2. 3.6" (1)
  3. 3.3" (1)
  4. 3.5" (6)
  5. 90 mm (13)
  6. 3.15" (1)
  1. RS-232 (28)
  2. USB (22)
  1. Yes (10)

Why Choose Our Analytical Lab Balances?

Our analytical lab balance models are both versatile and practical, making them ideal for use in industrial, laboratory, educational, and healthcare settings. With cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, you'll benefit from quick stabilization time, a reverse backlit LCD display, overload protection, easy adaptability and connectivity, and password protection against possible changes. Each analytical balance listed on this page comes with a draft shield or weighing chamber to prevent very small samples from being affected by air currents. Additionally, they are designed to detect extremely fine increments, so even the slightest vibrations or breeze can impact the results.

Precision and accuracy are vital when it comes to analytical balances. To counteract vibrations, it is recommended to use them in a dedicated room with minimal disturbances. Additionally, frequent calibration is essential to ensure the best results. Most balances feature both automatic internal motorized calibration and calibration with external weights.

Shop Analytical Scales by Capacity

When it comes to capacity, some of our most popular analytical scale options include the 320g capacity, the 220g capacity, and the 120g capacity. Our website features a capacity filter in the left column, allowing you to browse according to your capacity requirements.

Browse and filter our online store to explore all capacity options.

Shop Analytical Scales by Range/Resolution

If you are searching for an analytical balance by range, some of our most popular options include our 0.001g resolution, 0.0001g resolution, or 0.1 mg resolution scales. For your convenience, we also offer a filter in the left column of the website, enabling you to browse according to your resolution preference. Our analytical lab balances provide a wide range of readability options.

Analytical Balance Product Manufacturers

Certified Scale carries analytical balances from several of the weighing industry's leading global manufacturers. These include weighing systems from Sartorius, A&D, Rice Lake Weighing, and Ohaus. Browse our brands to find the right model for your commercial, manufacturing, or health application.

Looking for a specific analytical balance? The product models available currently include: ION, Apollo, Gemini, Phoenix, Pioneer, Adventurer, Explorer, and Galaxy. For precision and accuracy in measuring mass, look no further than our online inventory of analytical balances. If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, please visit our main scales and balances category.


A&D offers several options for analytical scales. These include: Premium analytical balances (22g to 520g capacity, 0.1mg to 1μg readabilities); Advanced analytical balances, with Class I NTEP models, (122g up to 330g capacity and readability down to 0.1mg); Standard analytical balances (102g to 252g capacity and 0.1mg readability); and Classic analytical balances (102g to 252g capacity and readability down to 0.1mg).

A&D analytical scales provide clients with practical weighing systems for microgram weighing to make the process more efficient and to improve workflows.


Ohaus analytical lab balances include their Explorer Semi-Micro and Analytical balances, Adventurer Analytical, Pioneer Semi-Micro and Analytical, and PR Series Analytical. With Ohaus balances, you'll benefit from high accuracy and repeatability, a four-level user management system with password protection, a large color touchscreen, icon-based user interface, ergonomic design, and large weighing surfaces.

Originally a small scale repair business, Ohaus has grown into an undisputed global leader of weighing systems.

Rice Lake Weighing

Rice Lake Weighing Systems provides top-quality digital weight indicators, vehicle scales, dimensioning, and platform scales. The series from Rice Lake Weighing available on our website include: the TA Plus Series, Ion BM Series, Gemini GR Series, HR-A and HR-AZ Series, and Apollo GX Series.

Family-owned, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation, and has been manufacturing and distributing weight-related products and supplies since its inception in 1946.


The lab balances from Sartorius are designed specifically to meet the highest standards of reliability, accuracy, precision, and compliance. The Sartorius brand focuses on integrating these weighing systems into laboratory, industrial, and academic workflows to make these processes faster and more efficient. Categories of Sartorius weighing systems include their Ultra-Micro, Micro Lab, Semi-Micro, Analytical lab balances, Precision lab balances, High Capacity lab balances, etc. Models include Cubis, Secura, Quintix, Quintix Pro, BCE Entris II, BCA Entris II and Practum.

Our analytical balances from A&D, Ohaus, Rice Lake Weighing, and Sartorius offer incredibly precise mass measurement. With each weighing system, you can expect the highest quality performance, accuracy, durability, and precision. Please choose from our wide range of available resolutions to match your lab requirements. Regardless of your lab needs, we can equip you with the balance you need to get the job done.

Analytical Balance FAQs

What are analytical balances?

An analytical balance, also known as a chemical balance, is a highly accurate laboratory balance designed for precise measurements. Analytical balances provide readability of up to 0.00001 grams (0.01 mg), and are commonly used in laboratories and other professional or academic settings. There are three major types of analytical lab balances: electronic analytical balances, single-disk analytical balances, and electro-optical analytical balances.

How do analytical balances work?

Analytical balances use an electromagnetic balance to measure the mass of an object with an electromagnet. These balances do not directly measure the mass but instead measure the force acting downward on the balancing pan.

How often should analytical balances be calibrated?

We recommend checking the accuracy of the balance at least once per year (more if the weight is dropped, chipped, etc.), or about six months after vendor calibration. Reference weight calibration should occur about every two years by an accredited vendor. For more information, read about calibrating an analytical balance.

How low can analytical balances weigh?

An analytical balance can have a capacity as low as 1 gram. Overall, the weighing capacity range of an analytical balance is between 100-500 g, with a readability of 0.1 mg-0.001 mg.

Why are analytical balances so expensive?

Compared to precision balances, analytical balances are more expensive due to their design for very precise weight measurement in ranges of several thousandths or hundredths of grams. These precise measurements are essential for chemical or pharmaceutical research, which justifies the higher cost of analytical lab balances.

About Certified Scale

Founded in 1969, Certified Scale is proud to be a supplier of the best quality weighing equipment in the industry. We serve a wide range of industries, including business, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, processing, and distribution. In 2000, we began operating from our Fox Cities location.

We are the first calibration laboratory dedicated solely to weighing systems in the state of Wisconsin to achieve ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Choose Certified Scale for your analytical lab balances today. Questions? Contact our team.