Combics 2 Explosion Proof Indicator (MI-PN CAIXS2-U)

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  • Safe area power supply (MI-PN YPS02-ZKR) (PN ) SKU: $1,595.00
  • Hazardous area power supply, 100-240V, USA (MI-PN YPS02-XUR) (PN ) SKU: $2,298.00
  • Zener barrier - converter RS232 - RS232, includes 20m cable with open cable ends for CAIXS2-U (MI-PN YDI05-ZU1) (PN ) SKU: $1,247.00

  • FM Approved for Class I, II, and III; Division 1; Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and T4

  • Requires YPS02-XKR for hazardous area connection or YPS02-ZKR for safe area connection for indicator (purchased separately)

  • For a complete scale package, the following are required:

    • IS Explosion Proof platform (PN CAIXS2-U)

    • 485 interface (PN YDO07-X)

    • Cable to IS-X (PN YCC02-XR14M6)

    • Hazardous area power supply (PN YPD02-XKR) or safe area power supply for platform (PN YPS02-ZKR)


This Combics 2 series weight indicator has been specifically designed for potentially explosive atmospheres and meets all international requirements. Durable and robust, the indicator supports weighing processes in a variety of industries, from manual formulation through to PC-controlled production control. Comprehensive interfaces enable complete integration into existing systems.

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